A Golden Opportunity to celebrate a stop in recidivism!

Uploaded by TabulaRasaChicago on 2010-09-03.

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Love Jerell's energy and drive to make change in his life! Not everyone is born with a visible path to self-sustenance and even more confront environmental challenges all too often, notwithstanding prison. So, to recognize a 2nd chance and approach it with child-like eyes- THAT takes courage! So hats off to you Jerell! Can't wait to see your future TGO posts as you go through this journey!
By Ira Liss (Idea) on 2010-09-04 01:08:51


noun: The emergence of individuals choosing to take small-scale action (s) intended to achieve a personal and/or social goal, resulting in a large-scale impact or ripple effect.